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Most of us just sail through life without ever taking the time to consider the reasons behind our actions and all the options available for our future.

This causes us to overlook things that could have changed our life for the better.

So here is a list of questions we should all ask ourselves. They are not in a particular order because each has it’s own past and mindset.

1) What do I want to accomplish?
— Find your life goal(s)

2) What would I regret?
— Find what you have been pushing away

3) What is making me come alive?
— Find what excites you

4) What makes me lose track of time?
— Find your flow

5) What am I grateful for?
— Find what makes you feel happy

6) What are my biggest failures and what can I learn from them?
— Become a better person by learning from your past

7) What are my values?
— Learn more about yourself

8) How does my social life impact me?
— Discover yourself

9) How often do I show love for myself?
— Reflect on your self-talk

10) 5 years from now, what advice would I give myself?
— Find what you want to change about yourself

11) How much time do I invest in the people I care for?
— Reflecting on the importance of your relationships

12) If I kept on living my life as I am, where would I be in 5 years?
— Discover how comfortable you are with your life

13) How do I react to negative comments?
— Find if you are able to stay positive in negative settings

14) How regular is my life’s rhythm?
— Reflect on your life

15) How much do I look forward to the weekend?
— Find how your work/life affects your mental health

16) How healthy is my life? Am I eating well and exercising?
— Notice the improvements you can make to live a healthier and longer life

17) How important is money to me?
— Notice the level of your attachment to material things

18) What do I think about when I am alone?
— Understand your brain’s activity and what you naturally turn to

19) When am I most efficient during the day?
— Understand your internal clock and adapt your life accordingly

20) What would people say about me?
— Find your “Why” to give meaning to your life

Either way, all these questions should not get answered at once. As you find more answers, your response to a previous question will certainly improve and impact the rest.

None is easy to answer and if you feel that one is, I’m afraid it means you haven’t thought about it hard enough. Take your time and get back to those regularly because your answers will evolve as you do too.

No need to worry about the amount of “work” needed to answer those though! The more you think about it, the more fun it will become and in the end, it all comes down to clarify one single question:

Who am I?


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