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1) Person one – are those who love you only because of what they see in you, not because of who you are. They love you because of what they need from you so desperately.

90% of people that will come to your life, only love you for what you carry or rather, what they see in you. not necessarily because of who you are. Let what they see in you disappear, you’ll be so amazed that these ones will be the first to judge you.

If your not aware of this , the crowd will deceive you.

Note: This category of people love you, celebrate you , but it’s for themselves

E.g to prove the love of man is canal, name two imbecile you know, probably you can’t even remember one now, because these ones to you, are of no value and can’t help to you.

2) Person two – They don’t love you, neither believe in you or like you , but because there is a situation they are confronting, they need your corporation to fight that situation, they come in partnership with you.

After all it’s done they return to themselves and go back to hating you or living life which you don’t exit.

E.g we all have people we know that smokes , cultists etc we don’t relate to them, but when there is a crisis, this are the first set of people we run to and call.

Do you love them? No
Do you believe them? No
But because your faced with a confrontation, u need them, after all is done and archive, u hate them back.

Note: Don’t be deceive, this is when you see your enemy at peace with you because there is a bigger enemy.

3) Person three – These set of people are those who will love you genuinely for who you are, they love you more than your money, more than your beauty, more than your mere personality.

They are the last set of people that will give up on you.

If you found these set of people in your life and you have like 5 of them, your one of the luckiest man on Earth.

How do you know you have these set of people in your life, don’t be quick to answer now and point people out, answer in 30 years from now.