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Many of us spend a large a part of our lives, in one way or another, feeling stuck, in a state where a strong desire to move forward on an issue meets with a strong belief to stay fixed where you are.

For example, we might at one level want to leave a job in order to do something we like – but at the same time, remain blocked by doubts, hesitations, counter-arguments and guilty feelings.

Therefore: To move forward in life feels horrific, but doing nothing is killing us as well

And so we go through life with anxiety and self-disgust.

If you know someone like this, you might ask:

Why don’t you try to enroll on a course to see if you might like a new area of work?

The Problem

But you will find that the friend who is stuck can’t make any progress, whatever you say.
It seems as if they are subject to a law that stops them from progressing, a type of personal law.

A law that might go like this:
Make sure you don’t achieve satisfaction in your career;
Make sure your relationship with others has no life in it but cannot be abandoned;
Make sure you aren’t happy in the place you live in.

In order to understand the origin of these laws, we have to look backwards.
Difficult childhoods and the complicated families are part of a lot of these unspoken laws.

The Solution

The way forward is to realize that there might be a law in operation when we get stuck, that we are not being a coward or slow in not progressing; but we feel trapped because we are in our faulty minds, in a cage formed in childhood, which we have to be able to see, think about and then patiently move on.

Along the way accept that we are now adults, which means that the original family drama no longer has to apply.
We don’t have to worry about upsetting parental figures.

We need to be loyal to a more important person:

Knowing that our decision is a tool to help make wiser decisions in work, love and the rest of our life.

– whebcraft

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