2 min

I believe in you babe.

I believe in pouring myself out for you, for us.

I believe you’re worth my time, as much of it as you want.

I believe you’re proof that God loves me, even when I let Him down.

I believe in second chances, third ones and several more. We’re not perfect.

I believe your flaws are a part of your humanity, and I accept them along with the better parts of you.

I believe in late-night conversations and early-morning texts.

I believe in kisses, deep kisses, in public and private places. Your lips are comforting.

I believe in hugs that go on for ages.

I believe you can be anything you want to be, and I’ll support you in all the ways I can.

I believe in telling you you’re wrong when you are, but only when we’re alone together and gently, with love.

I believe in your freedom to get upset at me. Just don’t take too long to forgive me, please.

I believe in letting go after an apology. It’s hard, I know, but I’ll try. Will you?

I believe in letting my guard down, letting you in and staying soft.

I believe in your rights as a woman, and I will fight for them as peacefully as I can.

I believe we’re equals, even though I’m sure you’re better than me most of the time.

I believe in trusting your judgement and not second-guessing the things you say.

I believe in leaving work early to spoil each other.

I believe in tiny surprises and small gifts. They’re signs that we think about each other deliberately.

I believe in our own version of ‘happily ever after’.

I believe in us, before labels like marriage and all the clichés of ‘having someone’.

I promise, I believe in you.