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It seems that to prove love, a grand gesture is needed.

If someone really loves us, they’ll pull out all the stops. Scenes in movies will become reality in our lives.


Well.. movies and books have ruined love for us.

Love is often quiet. It’s in the way someone looks at us, the way they put our needs before their own. It’s in the small gestures, the ones we can easily miss.

Maybe you dream of being loved so intensely, the way characters in books love. But have you ever stopped to think maybe you already are?

Look for the little things people do for you. Think of the ways you show you love them. Is it through grand gestures?

Or is it through simple, everyday things?

Love is everywhere. If we’re looking for it to hit us over the head with a bang, we’re missing out.

So forget the grand gestures, and start paying attention to the simple, quiet ones.

You may be surprised at the amount of love in your life.