3 min

These days everybody seems busy.
Everybody is rushing from one thing to the next.
Where is everybody heading to anyway? I don’t know.

Without realizing what’s going on around us we rush through our lives.
We’re rushing our lives away.
With no clear destination.
Without knowing where to go.
No clear purpose.

We are ok as long as we have everything we need.
A good job.
A good salary.
A nice car.
A beautiful home.
A good looking partner, and so on.
And then, at some point it hits you and when you wake up you realize that you’ve not lived your entire life.

You let everybody else do the work for you.
Everybody else is living the life.
Having fun.
While you’re just watching.
You start to realize that all the TV shows you watched are actually boring.

It’s just people living their lives.
A life you could have lived yourself, if you didn’t waste your time watching somebody else living their life.
It could have been an exciting life.
Imagine you as a bad ass lawyer.
A doctor saving lives.
Special detectives solving crimes. Ahh.

What a life! A life just like the one they show on TV.
The only difference is that it’s not your life.
And then you start to realize that all the blogs and books you read from all of the brilliant minds out there are just a way for you to escape reality.

To escape having to live your own life.
To not only dream the dream.
A life full of adventures, travel, excitement.
But also a life full of failure and disappointment.

You prefer the safety of your home.
Think about the book of your life.
A book about how you built those twenty schools in Nigeria.
How you started a movement that changed the world.
But that’s just too damn hard.

So you refer to read about all of these amazing things from the comfort of your living room.
From the safety of your couch.
And then you start to realize that all of these inspiring videos you watched for hours and hours are you running away from your true inner self.
From the self that could have done the exact same thing.

The self that has the potential to inspire thousands of people.
The self that is able to change people’s lives.
Instead you just stare at screens, drink all sorts of fancy drinks that keep you awake while working a mind numbing job that sucks all the energy out of you.

And that’s when it finally hits you.
You start to realize that you have not lived your entire life.
But it’s not just you, it’s everybody else around you too.
While you sit on the couch with a bag of chips, a glass of wine you realize that the storyline of your life sucks.

Whatever you do, always make sure that your storyline doesn’t suck.
And if it does, change the plot. Bring in new characters. Let the old characters die.
After all, you only have that one story to tell.
That one big story made of many small stories that at the end of your days should form a beautiful storyline.

Make it the best story ever told.
Make it the most memorable story ever told in history.
Make it a story full of success, failure, happiness, disappointment, laughs, cries, smiles and then some more of it.

Start writing your own story.
Start shooting your own movie.
Live a life worth broadcasting.
Worth writing a book about.

Be the person that inspires everybody, the main character, the hero.

Don’t waste your time watching other people living their lives.
Don’t let other people be the heroes of your story.
Be the one that makes other people laugh.
Be the one that cries.
That celebrates.
That fails.
That succeeds.

But most importantly, live your own life.
I have to go now.
I have to work on my life’s storyline.