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Relationship is not about our partner making us happy.
Most people enter a relationship with what they can get out of it, rather than what they can give to it.

• Some expect a relationship to cure their deep feeling of loneliness.

• Some feel that it is their partners’ responsibility to make them happy.

• Some expect their needs to be met in a relationship (as they understand them).

• Others think ‘once I’m in a relationship everything else in my life will be sorted’ As if being in a relationship is like a magic wand that has a magical effect on all areas of their life. All my problems will be solved.

• Some go into a relationship in order to make it a very different experience from the one that they grew up in. A new, improved, better functioning model.

• Many have a picture in their head of how their partner should love them, behave, cook, keep house, raise the children, entertain and provide for them.

• Others expect the relationship to keep them financially. To have a nice, big house with all mod cons, the latest car, exotic holidays and an exciting social life.

The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to share your completeness with them.

A relationship that is based on shared values and goals can be passionate, creative and stimulating.

It can provide stability, love, security, laughter, joy and a safe haven.

It can provide the platform for personal growth and contribution to society in a very positive way.

A relationship provides the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the differences that make you unique.

How different an attitude from trying to make your partner exactly like you to the point of washing the dishes, hoovering, driving etc.

Relationships are sacred because they provide life’s fabulous opportunity to create and produce a tremendous experience of your own ideas of who you want to be.

A fulfilling relationship can provide a nurturing environment for your children.

When you think about it, the impact of this will be huge.

Your children, based on you being a positive role model, will then go on to duplicate this model for their children and so on.