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1. Greed, driving many to self-destruction in their pursuit of more, and more is never enough because there’s always more.

2. Envy, the two evils: one, an unfair self-assessment based on another persons station in life; and the other, the inordinate desire to secure what they have or achieve their status no matter what it will cost.

3. Lust, preying on the weak-willed and the morally-bankrupt, it has a ready excuse for every untoward action.

4. Anger, escalating a situation you can solve until irreparable damage is done.

5. Unkindness, mindless hatred based on differences: race, culture, religion or otherwise.

6. Apathy, manifesting a complete forgetful nature to improve the lives of others in ways as simple as giving up a seat on a crowded bus or offering to relieve a burden.