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For those who are not sure.

Love is not a prison.

Love is not butterflies in your stomach. That’s just chemistry.

Love is not blind.

Love is not yesterday’s offense brought into today’s argument.

Love does not slam doors or smash things.

Love is not convenient.

Love is not deceptive.

Love does not pick days to be love.

Love does not steal your joy or your peace.

Love is not arrogant.

Love does not hate itself.

Love does not ask, “What can you do for me?”

Love will not see a need it can meet and look the other way.

Love does not make excuses for mistakes.

Love never leaves you feeling empty.

Love does not abuse.

Love does not hide things.

Love won’t try to win you over with gifts while holding back the best of itself.

Love is not confusing.

Love is not a game.