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Whatever it is you are seeking will not come in the form you are expecting.

Let me explain: Christ was prophesied to liberate the Jews from the hands of the dictators and rule over the world he came down to earth in a very simple manner.

It was like his existence was hidden in a small town and when people heard about the savior coming from Bethlehem, their response was “What good can come out of Bethlehem?”

He was also the same Christ who later got crucified.
The people who welcomed him days before were the same people who shouted “crucify him!” with confidence.

Why did this happen?
It was because the so-called “Messiah” that they expected did not come in the form they were expecting.
How can someone so weak and fragile be the one who was going to liberate them from the Roman Empire?
Where was the divine entity that they were waiting for?

The gap between their perceived “expectations” and the “results” that they got caused such actions to be taken.

These gaps manifested a lot in our daily lives.
We failed to see things in the right perspectives when what we “get” was not what we “thought” we ought to get.

How many of you asked these questions:
“Why am I in this situation now?”
“Why I couldn’t get this job?”
“Why am I working here?”
These questions are normal but can be very dangerous.

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.

You want to do something, but it might not manifest in the form that you were imagining. And you need to be okay with that. Everything has a reason. But more importantly, there is always good in everything.

We just failed to see it because of the gaps we created for ourselves.

If you reflected on your life, what were the things that you wanted and you were thankful you did not get it? Or the things that you wanted but you got redirected to somewhere else and experienced the same thing in a different way?

Sometimes experiences were not always pleasant.

Maybe it was a hardship that you endure that made you stronger.
Maybe it was that bad relationship that gave you a reflection of how self-centered you were as a person and now you are a better person.

You might also experience the same dilemma and crossroad right now too.
As future looked bleak and uncertain, as you got into something you never signed up for.
Maybe, just maybe, these are the things that are going to shape you into a better person, a better life in the future.

So the things you are experiencing right now, no matter how bad it is, might lead you to the things you seek.
Or even better, just in a different form.
This is what I am trying to learn in this season of life too.

The question now is, can you see the hidden blessings from all the experience you’ve had in your life?

What are your thoughts on this?
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